Wiring Kyoho grapes

巨峰盆栽の針金掛け Kyoho Grapes

In year before last? I ate Kyoho Japanese grapes and sawed its seeds (I don’t remember actually). Its seedlings are now getting big, so I tried wiring to them. Grapes are not popular for Bonsai, but sometimes you see the bonsai of wild grapes.

Here’re today’s target; 巨峰
One is planted to ordinary plastic pot, the other is in small pet bottle. I wanted to make roots as long as possible to try “Neagari” shape.

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Now, I do wiring to the one in ordinal plastic pot.巨峰盆栽の針金掛けIts 5mm? thick and I see new buds are ready to open.

Comparing to black pine seedlings, it is quite thick and hard, so I used 1.5mm-diameter-wire.
Forming the trunk with wire, avoiding the buds.










Oops, I really goofed up…
I broke the trunk..

I formed the Kyoho grape like I did to black pines, but it was not as soft as pine seedling. I gave up upper part from this point..

Here it comes. It was harder than I expected and this was maximum I could form it. I should have used 2×1.5mm aluminum line.. Since I broke the trunk, it made me afraid to form the tree any more.

I cut the tree just above the new bud. I hope that new leaf and branch will grow from this bud.

Well.. looks not bad? In the spring I’ll dig it out and check the shape of roots. Perhaps I can make “Neagari” shape. I’ll try wiring to form the tree again after that.


Now. Wire the other one in PET bottle.
This was thinner and easier to make form than the other one. It looks like good for “Kengai” shape?

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It looks like broken..but don’t mind! There’s a bud and even in case this part is broken, it will grow from this point (bud).

Here, you see the surface skin is peeled off. But it seems ok. The point here is that when you wire to the tree, avoid the buds. If the wire is ON the buds, it will not open any more.

From opposite side. Looks good, doesn’t it?

I just sticked broken part in the soil. Most probably it will be withered and die, but it could have root.

It is quite interesting to sow the seeds of fruits you eat daily, like grapes, oranges, lemons, etc. You can make small bonsai from it!

Kyoho Grapes