Mayumi (Japanese spindle tree, Euonymus sieboldianus) is growing steadily

真弓の盆栽の新芽Mayumi (Euonymus sieboldianus)

Mayumi (Japanese spindle tree, Euonymus sieboldianus), which I did wiring the other day, is growing very well!

Wiring Japanese spindle tree (Euonymus sieboldianus)
I got seeds of Japanese spindle tree and sowed them. They are now growing well, so I tried wiring. Today's targets; In noodle's cup at left side, righ...

Situation when I did wiring

It was end of Feburary (maybe around 25th?) when I did wiring to Japanese spindle tree. When I did wiring, it looked like this;

真弓の針金掛けThe buds were still closed tightly. They looked like they were ready to open and grow, though..

Situation now

These photos below are in the end of last week. 3 weeks have passed;

真弓の盆栽の新芽Not only the top of the tree, but in the middle new buds are growing. They are expected to be branches in the future.

真弓の盆栽の新芽Some grow fast, some grows slowly, anyway all of them have new buds. As buds open, photosynthesis procedure starts and it helps the trees grow faster.



Mayumi (Euonymus sieboldianus)
まめぼん 〜mamebon〜