Tried Sashiki of Choujubai

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂を土に挿していく Choujubai (Chaenomeles japonica)

Around 2 weeks ago I tried “Sashiki” of choujubai, since choujubai is growing too much freely. This is my record of how to do sashiki of choujubai.

Choujubai is growing steadily and...
I didn't touch this Choujubai since I'm growing it as a 'material'. Looks not good, but it is growing steadily. This photo is as of Feb. 24th. New bud...
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Stuff and nursery bed

The material this time is…

長寿梅の挿し木 材料Choujubai is growing steadily. I didn’t wire or anything to this choujubai, so it is growing freely and messy. Not only doing Sashiki, but I wanted to reduce its branches, I decided to cut the branches off boldly.

The soil in the cup at left side is the nursery, where other cutting of choujubai was growing. The soil is soft and seemed good, but perhaps it was too soft for Sashiki.

How to do “Sashiki” of choujubai

Now, practical procedure of doing Sashiki. Not difficult at all.

Prepare “Sashiho”, the cutting of branches of choujubai

Cut off the branches

I used thin branches for the material of sashiki, but this time I use relatively thicker branches as material of sashiki.

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂の選定First, this “Hikobae”. This one appeared around two years ago. I did nothing to this hikobae, so it is growing straight and looks not cool. I once cut it for Sashiki, but new bud appeared and it grew as new branch. It is also growing straight, so there’s nothing good to see.

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂の選定The other one is this branch. The shape is very artificial and unnatural. It looks very ugly and therefore, I decided to cut it off as well. Actually it is first time to use such thick branch for Sashiki (I used much younger and thinner branches for sashiki before)

This time the materials are these two branches.

Prepare “Sashiho” (cutting of branches for sashiki)

As the branches are chosen, now I cut off the branches.

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂の準備First cut off this Hikobae…

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂の準備Like this. I left two buds (point of the leaves grow).

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂の準備This is the Hikobae I cut off. I cut it into small pieces and use them as sashiho (cutting for sashiki.

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂の準備The next one is this. The part of branch, which has unnatural shape.

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂の準備Cut it off.

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂の準備This is the branch cut off. I’ll cut it into small pieces as well to make sashiho.

Put all the branches cut off in the water. The reason is; 1. keep the branch wet, 2. make the branch absorb enough water before putting them in the soil.

Prepare the cut end

Cut the end of a piece of branch like pencil. I used sharp razor for it. Maybe a sharp cutter is also fine.

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂の準備First, this one. Cut it into 1~2cm long.

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂の準備Cut the cut end like this. Make the cut section as sharp as possible.

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂の準備Preparation of first one is done.

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂の準備Put the cut end in the water. The water is white because I added rooting accelerator in the water.

When the cutting is ready, put it in this water so that the cutting will absorb enough water.

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂の準備This is upper half. Seems a bit too long, but I’ll try anyway.

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂の準備
Process the cut end like this. Like the tip of pencil.

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂の準備Put it in the water with rooting accelerator as well.

Leave 1~2 buds (point where leaves growing), repeat the same procedure for preparation of cutting. Length is around 2~3cm?

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂の準備I cut off all the leaves at the bottom.

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂の準備Cut end is lie this. I left only one leaf and cut all the rest.

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂の準備Preparation of cutting from Hikobae is done. Put all the cuttings in the water so that they absorb water well.

Next, the other branch.

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂の準備This is the bottom end of the branch. Looks thick enough. I left two leaves but could be one?

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂の準備The cut end…

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂の準備Processed the cut end like this.

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂の準備Done!

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂の準備
長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂の準備
長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂の準備
長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂の準備Repeat the preparation of cuttings…

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂の準備Almost done! I put the cuttings in the water for one hour so that they can absorb much water.

Summary of procedure;手順をまとめるとだいたい下記になります。

  1. Cut the branch to 2~3cm
  2. Leave one or two leaves at the top and cut off all the rest.
  3. Process the cut end by sharp razor or cutter.

You got the image?

Put the cutting (sashiho) into the soil

After leaving the cutting (sashiho) in the water for around on hour, now it is time to put them into the soil.

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂を土に挿していくThis is the nursery bed. I pressed the soil by finger to make it solid.

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂を土に挿していくRooting accelerator.

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂を土に挿していくMake a hall by a skewer. It was actually too thick, so I used a piece of wire after this. Toothpick also works fine.

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂を土に挿していく
長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂を土に挿していくPut the rooting accelerator at the cut end. It should be mixed with water and made into a paste, but the cut end has enough water, so the powder will be like paste.

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂を土に挿していくPut the cutting into the hole and press the soil around for making the cutting stable.

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂を土に挿していく長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂を土に挿していくRepeat the same procedure…

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂を土に挿していく
長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂を土に挿していくI usually put the cutting slantingly, but all the cuttings have “Katane” (root at one side). Therefore I put all the cuttings vertically this time.

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂を土に挿していく
長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂を土に挿していくThis cutting is just branching off. I left one leaf each.

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂を土に挿していくPutting the cutting…

長寿梅の挿し木 挿し穂を土に挿していくAfter putting all the cuttings in the soil, I gave enough amount of water. It looks like the water remains above the soil, but after a while the water will go away from the bottom hole.

Everythig is done!

What to do next

What to do next is;

  1. Keep the soil wet
  2. Do not water directly to the cuttings, but pour water from the side of cuttings
    (so that the cuttings don’t move)
  3. Put the nursery bed at the bright place, but no direct sunshine.

I don’t think all of them will have roots, but I hope as many branches will have roots.

The leaves will fall quite soon, but I really wish they will have new leaves in next spring.


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Choujubai (Chaenomeles japonica)