Choujubai is growing steadily and…

ひこばえの新芽 Choujubai (Chaenomeles japonica)

I didn’t touch this Choujubai since I’m growing it as a ‘material’. Looks not good, but it is growing steadily.

長寿梅の盆栽2月下旬This photo is as of Feb. 24th. New buds were appearing.

長寿梅の盆栽3月上旬And this is the situation on Mar. 11th. A lot of new buds are growing.

ひこばえの新芽This is the “Hikobae”, which I wired the other day. New buds also appeared and growing!

ひこばえの新芽The tip seems withered…ひこばえの新芽As you see, the tip is broken so badly..

長寿梅 新芽New buds are also growing around the root. Or It may be Hikobae? It should be cut off in theory, but I’ll leave them since this Choujubai is a “material”. I may be able to use this part later..




長寿梅の花芽This! A flower bud!長寿梅の花芽I looked for more flower buds, but found only this one. Anyway, it will be a good accent.


And one more thing…


長寿梅 挿し木In this seedling bed, I did “Sashiki” of Choujubai last rainy season (around end of May~June). By the way the long branch sticked is Kyoto branch, which I broke the other day when I did wiring.

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Carefully watching..
長寿梅 挿し木
I found small, small buds growing!

長寿梅 挿し木Here!

長寿梅 挿し木And here as well!

I found 7~8 new buds. They are quite small, as big as few millimeters. I wish new trunk will grow from here!

In this time of the year, many of trees wake up and start growing. I’m so exited!





Choujubai (Chaenomeles japonica)