Wiring black pine, no seedling cutting

三河黒松の針金掛け Black Pine

Spending 2 days in last and this weekend, I did wiring to black pines which I didn’t do seedling cutting. Basic way is same as I did before.

Wiring black pine
As black pine seedlings getting bigger, I tried wiring them to make good shape. I did wiring to these nine kids... with "Mekiri-basami", a special sci...


These kids are the targets. Maybe 25-30? Looks like not easy.. they may bother each other. Same as before, cut all single and withered leaves off.

軸切り挿し芽をしていない三河黒松Tooooo many…

枯れた葉を切り落とした三河黒松I did it! And it looks fine. Now, start wiring to each black pines. I used 1mm aluminum wire like before.

三河黒松針金掛け前Wiring this one…

三河黒松針金掛け後Like this. I didn’t have any exact image…

三河黒松針金掛け後Other one became like this…

三河黒松の針金掛け後Or like this… This time I didn’t make them too small, but freely and easily. My image was to make them “Bunjin” or “Kengai” style.

Please refer below for Bonsai style;

Bonsai styles - Wikipedia

三河黒松の針金掛け後However some become this small…

三河黒松の針金掛後-文人This one looks fine; will be “Bunjin” style?

三河黒松の針金掛け後-文人This one also looks interesting. There’s a character at the top. Maybe also for Bunjin?

三河黒松の針金掛け-文人At upper part, curb is too loose… It may disappear as the trunk gets fat.

三河黒松の針金掛けThere’re some crack on surface… But it looks ok.

It took 2 days to finish wiring to everything.

三河黒松の針金掛け-終了Too messy….

三河黒松の針金掛けLike this. Some of them might wither and die, but I’ll keep this for a while. It depends on how fast the trunk gets fatter, but maybe…  I’ll remove the wires in the end of April or beginning of May.

It was so difficult and annoying… Too many pines in very small pot. Leaves are so long and I accidentally cut a lot of leaves as you see in the photo.

Black Pine