“Rosoku-me (Candle bud)” is growing

黒松のローソク芽 Black Pine

Black pines are growing steadly and now “Roroku-me” is growing; Direct translation of “Rosoku-me” is “Candle bud”. It means that the growing bud looks like candle.

黒松のローソク芽This photo is as of middle of March. The bud is still small.


黒松のローソク芽This is as of March 31st. It is growing.

黒松のローソク芽Usually the bud should be cut at this timing in order to control its growth and length. But this time, I don’t cut and leave it as it grows freely so that the trunk connected to this bud grow fatter as fast as possible.

黒松のローソク芽This photo is as of today. New leaves are growing.

黒松のローソク芽One month have passed from the first photo. As you see it is growing well.

黒松のローソク芽This photo is as of March 19th…

黒松のローソク芽And today. They are growing very well as it is getting warmer these days. Same as above, I leave new buds to make trunk grow quickly.

黒松のローソク芽New leaves are growing, too. I’ll cut these new buds after rainy season (maybe end of March?). By so doing I expect that new branches will grow from the base of the buds.

黒松のローソク芽All of these 3 photos are as of today. Some are not growing as others do or some are not growing at all. I don’t think they will wither and die but I’m worrying a little bit. Maybe I cut too much leaves?

黒松の針金が食い込むBy the way, wires are eating out into the trunks. It seems ok so far, but I keep watching and maybe, I have to remove wires in the beginning of May.

From now, till beginning of summer through rainy season, they’ll grow fast. I have to remove wires and transplant in the beginning of July.






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Black Pine