Fertilizing black pine

肥料をやった三河黒松 Black Pine

After wiring black pines last week, I gave fertilizer to them.

Wiring black pine, no seedling cutting
Spending 2 days in last and this weekend, I did wiring to black pines which I didn't do seedling cutting. Basic way is same as I did before. These kid...

This is the fertilizer I used this time;

黒松に上げた肥料“Maruta’s TAMAHI” “Tamahi” means a fertilizer with the shape as you see below. I selected small size.

This is it!
Perhaps 1cm diameter and 1cm long?

I put 3-4 pieces on every pot.
I feel like it is too much.. However, as it is getting warmer day by day, roots must have started to grow already and the tree itself will grow so fast, I gave this much fertilizer to make them bigger as fast as possible. Try to put the fertilizer where the leaves or trunk don’t touch it.

砕いた肥料をやった三河黒松To this pot, put 4 pcs. I broke fertilizer into small pieces with pliers (it was so hard) so that fertilizers don’t touch the leaves. But.. it is impossible in this situation.. some leaves may wither later on.

肥料を与えた長寿梅Some fertilizers to Choujubai, too.

After doing all of above, I gave A LOT OF water to them.


After one week.. I gave water twice in a week.
You see? fertilizers absorbed water and getting bigger and soft. Now it is ready to give its nutrients.

一週間後の玉肥(長寿梅)This is the one for Choujubai.

My understanding is to change the fertilizers once in every month, so next time will be in the middle of March?





JOYアグリス マルタ 玉肥 小粒 500G
価格:304円(税込、送料別) (2018/2/24時点)

Black Pine